Radiometric dating lesson plan

Students should possess prerequisite knowledge of the structure of DNA in order to complete several of the missions.1.5 hours for Build A Tree game; 4 hours for entire Evolution Lab lesson plan with worksheets.

Shape of Life Shape of Life is a series of short classroom videos that depict evolution of the animal kingdom on Earth.Everywhere you go on this planet—on land, underground, in the air, and in the water—you’ll find life that has been shaped by evolution.In NOVA’s Evolution Lab, students will explore the evidence of evolution through the lens of phylogeny.This lesson plan was written in the 5-E format, a lesson plan model for guided inquiry in science classrooms.Engage (15 min): Introductory activity that poses a question or calls upon prior knowledge Before launching the Evolution Lab, present students with a selection of seven widely different species, including a plant, a fungus, two mammals, a reptile, a bird, and a dinosaur.

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